Previous Board Minutes

November 19th, 2019 Mercy Board Meeting Minutes Summary

Members Present: Sikandar Mesiya, Farrukh Jawaid, Rameeza Qureshi, Mudassir Nawaz, Shadi Saleem, Mamoon Rasheed

Staff Present: PRINCIPAL Buthiana

Excused/Absent: Br. Baha (out of town) , Muhammad Adnan Altaf (out of town)                                    

Place: Mercy School Library

Time: 7 pm to 9:30 pm

1.   Du’aa (prayers)

2.   Approval and signing of  prior month Board Meeting Minutes.

3.   OSSM student ambassador Hayyan Saleemi would visit Mercy school, Board approved the visit.

4.  Yaqin Hamdan was hired for front desk/Secretary.

5.   Hakeem was hired as Arabic teacher.

6.   GYM update, Architect is revising contract due to changed building design.       

7.   School Logo Mascot Design Contest – Logo and Mascot presented -Approved     

8.   Potential Grants from the State: Wasim Patel was approved to apply for grants.

9.   School Cleaning day approved.

Next Meeting – December 11th, 2019 – 7 pm, InshaAllah

Teacher/Board Meeting December 6th, 2019 @ 4pm