The educational program of Mercy School follows the requirements set by the Common Core State Standards and Oklahoma Academic Standards. This basic program is expanded and enriched at every level providing the student with exceptional learning opportunities. Qur’an, Arabic, and Islam Studies are major academic subjects and are presented in a sequential manner beginning in Preschool up through all grade levels. Primary focus on all levels will be building English and Arabic vocabulary. All grade levels will emphasize the cognitive, social, physical, and emotional development of the child.


This program is aimed at the 3-year-old child. It will introduce the child to social skills necessary to settle down and get along with other children in a classroom environment. Some of the learning areas the children will be participating in are Life skills, Exploration, Self-Expression, Creativity, Language, and Religion. The skills to be introduced by these areas will be Reading, Mathematics, Science, Hands-on Computers, Gross and Fine Motor Skills, Imagination, Arabic and English Language, Qur’an Memorization, Du’a and Islamic Practice.


This program is aimed at the 4-year-old child. It emphasizes structured play which, Insha Allah, will socialize the child for a school atmosphere in the years to come. Subjects to be introduced will be Pre-Reading, Pre-Mathematics, Large and Small Motor Skill Development, Self-Expression, Creativity, Islamic Practice and Sura Memorization. It emphasizes the cognitive, social, physical and emotional development of the child.


This program is aimed at meeting the needs of the 5-year-old child. The learning activities lay the foundation needed for success in a more academic atmosphere of first grade. Daily lessons, Islamic Practice, and Classical Arabic are presented in a meaningful and well-developed program. Subjects to be covered will be Quran, Arabic, Mathematics, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Islam, Computer Technology, Art, Music (songs & rhythm), Language Skills in both Arabic & English, Physical Education, and Handwriting.

GRADES 1st TO 12th

A basic and enriched academic curriculum is provided that fosters a love for learning and enables the child to expand his/her horizons as far as possible. The curriculum meets and surpasses that which is required by the State of Oklahoma. Daily instructions in Islamic teachings and practices, Tajweed and Memorization, Reading and Writing Classical Arabic are core subjects in each grade. Homework in all subjects is an integral part of the curriculum.