Concurrent Enrollment Program

The High School Concurrent Enrollment program gives students actual college exposure and experience. Our staff and alumni students are here to help and guide them through the process, and the program is an ideal opportunity for students to gain skills and encounter and resolve issues relevant to their futures with a support team in place.

The best classroom and program experience results have come from when parents encourage their children to take the lead. Ultimately it is the student that will be seated in the college classroom, and the student that will be responsible for their grade.

Parent involvement as an active bystander helps the student, and such support is much appreciated. Finding ways to keep students responsible and in charge of their application process, course requirements, and motivated towards their goals​​ strengthens student success.

InshaAllah your child will benefit from this experience as a college student!

UCO Concurrent Enrollment Form

OCCC Concurrent Form 2021

OCCC ADD Drop Enrollment Form

OU Concurrent Enrollment Form 2021

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