Stratostar and Mercy School Institute Science Experiment!

Assalamualaikum everyone!

You all might recall that a while back in January, Mercy School had the honor of being selected to participate in the Stratostar program. We were selected by STARBASE as the first school in Oklahoma to conduct this experiment because, they love Mercy School. They always tell Mrs. Lobna Hewedi that our kids are simply amazing, mashaAllah. Mrs. Hewedi and this year’s 5th grade class along, with STARBASE of Oklahoma, conducted a science experiment which consisted of a big balloon that would go up into space with a GPS tracker, take video footage, and descend back down to Earth. They sent up 12 items in vials to observe the effect that space had and compared them with 12 of the same items that remained on ground. Well, here it is! We finally have that video footage and felt you all would enjoy it as much as we have! May Allah continue to bless us with opportunities that instill a love for science and inspire young, innovative, minds, Ameen!

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